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The Eternal Memory still from film


4:30PM, Sun 22nd Oct

A tight-knit loving Chilean couple for over 20 years, an Alzheimer's diagnosis, and the act of collective rememberance

Augusto Góngora, a veteran Chilean journalist and prominent chronicler of the crimes of the Pinochet regime, and Paulina Urrutia, actress, activist and politician, have been a tight-knit loving couple for over 20 years. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s eight years ago, and now they both face the inexorable and accelerating descent of his physical and mental powers together.

Heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time, the story of Paulina’s warm and uncompromising dedication and Augusto’s fierce fight to hold on to his identity is a deeply affecting testimony to their love.

THE ETERNAL MEMORY is both an inquiry into human dignity in old age and adversity and into the mechanisms of individual and collective remembrance. What – and who – do we recall from our past? Why do we forget or suppress certain memories, and what effect does this have, on a person as well as on an entire country?


Filmmaker - Maite Alberdi

Maite Alberdi

+ Where the Sun Always Shines (15 mins) - Director: Rosie Baldwin

The residents of a quintessential but neglected British seaside town grapple with research suggesting that their home could disappear within 30 years due to the climate crisis.

Where the Sun Always Shines image

Trailer - Where The Sun Always Shines

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The Eternal Memory still from film
4:30PM, Sun 22nd Oct
Silver Screen
Maite Alberdi
Running time
85 mins

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