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Bronx Gothic

Ways of Being : Bronx Gothic + The Words I Do Not Have Yet

7:30PM, Sat 13th Nov

Guest programmer, Karen Alexander, presents two works in which the artists use the mediums of dance and animation to celebrate and affirm female visibility, vulnerability and power. The films address urgent questions of the public and private presence of black women.

This film will be introduced in person by Karen Alexander.

Made before the global Covid pandemic, ‘Bronx Gothic’ celebrates and showcases the powerful presence of the New York-based visionary artist and choreographer Okwui Okpokwasili. She reveals her inspirations and the public contexts underpinning the creation, staging and production of her award-winning one-woman theatre piece of the same name.

Oscillating between onstage performance and honest reflection, Okpokwasili takes us on a journey of discovery as she fiercely focuses on her exploration of the relationship between black female bodies, place and memory.

In a similar sense of openness, multimedia artist Phoebe Boswell’s ‘The Words I Do Not Have Yet’ depicts multiple celebratory sketches of naked black female bodies, which are then brought to life and given voice in a powerful ode to visibility.

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Bronx Gothic
7:30PM, Sat 13th Nov
Andrew Rossi
Running time
91 mins