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Ukrainian soldiers

Overcoming the Darkness

9:30AM, Sun 23rd Oct

A collection of short documentary films by the collective Kino Dopomoha show Ukraine facing a world-scale tragedy and its struggle against Russian invasion.

A genocide is taking place in Europe, where Ukrainians are heroically fighting for their land, culture, and identity, and appalling events strike their minds and hearts. Shellings and missile explosions. Houses on fire, mass violence, people wounded and killed.

In Trying to Leave, hand-held footage shot by a man and his family in Kharkiv chronicles their flight from the city, while City of Parks captures the chaos of those who have been displaced by Russian military forces, and ends with a grieving man amongst the ruins crying, “This is my Ukraine.” These stories from witnesses showcase the horrendous reality of war, but also, the incredible mutual support, faith, and the will for freedom.

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Ukrainian soldiers
9:30AM, Sun 23rd Oct
the collective Kino Dopomoha
Running time
69 mins