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Still from film Portrait of Ga

Her Own Landscape: Outsider Artists, Environment and Resistance

7:00PM, Sat 13th Nov

Archive activists Invisible Women present a programme of shorts exploring our relationship with the environment through the eyes of three unique and fascinating filmmakers.

The elemental, experimental films of Margaret Tait channel the spectacular Hebridean landscape to playfully unpick the relationship between person and place.

In Serpent River, Sandra Lahire exposes the devastating impact of uranium mining on a small Canadian community with dazzling style, while in Jenny’s Dog Team Journey, septuagenarian Scottish documentarian Jenny Gilbertson sets out on a daring solo assignment to capture a journey by dog sled across the Arctic Circle.

Although very different in tone and approach, these three filmmakers share an outsider sensibility. Working away from the mainstream, they find new ways to channel the beauty and danger of the landscapes that surround us.

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Still from film Portrait of Ga
7:00PM, Sat 13th Nov
Margaret Tait
Running time
4 mins