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Skate Dreams

Skate Dreams

3:00PM, Sat 22nd Oct

Skate Dreams is the first feature documentary about the rise of women’s skateboarding. It profiles a diverse group of women whose pursuit of self-expression and freedom has helped create an international movement. The story spans the trailblazing pioneers of the 1980s and the next generation of Olympic contenders as they defy industry gatekeepers and fight for professional equality. SKATE DREAMS showcases the charismatic personalities and indomitable spirits of these amazing talents on and off their skateboards.

Rolling Places: Short Film

Born out of a desire to conquer fears of filmmaking and using a skatepark, Rolling Places is a one woman documentary which explores the experiences of a diverse set of people who live in London as they attempt to use public space for roller skating.

A Q&A with Rolling Places director Ashley O’Callaghan follows the screening

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Skate Dreams
3:00PM, Sat 22nd Oct
Jessica Edwards
Running time
83 mins